It is the world that inspires. By exploring our planet, we are impacted and informed by all sorts of colors, shapes, layouts, and structures. Over the past two decades, Matthew MacDonald's extensive travels and work in Hollywood have fed and nurtured his eye for design. It is his sensibility and understanding of any given environment that stimulates his creative refinement together with the client's sense of aesthetics and needs. A strong conception of enduring style and a discerning feel for what is new and fresh blend gracefully together to create unique living spaces that are warm ingenious and stimulating.



Interior design is like a visual symphony; where all the selected elements contribute to the undiminished experience of a divine creation and unexpected touches entertain the curiosity of the spectator's intelligence.


Matthew MacDonald approaches each project with a commitment that fares well beyond traditional design. The proposed environment is meticulously assessed for possible unique characteristics that will intensify and contribute to the future interior design. It is the implementation of carefully selected fabrics, colors, shapes, and structures, influenced by the clients direct input that contribute to the exciting evolution of the space.

Our Services

Interior Design

Our Interior Design services are available exclusively or as part of our Architectural services. Design services include furniture selection, fabrics and color selection, as well as acquiring artwork and decorative accessories depending on your needs.

Space Planning

We work hand in hand with our clients to meet their needs. Whether it means reconfiguring the interior living space or simply designing a furniture plan that works with the room, our goal is always to add character, design, and functionality to any living space.

Interior Architecture

We work on every facet of Residential Architecture from concept to construction.

Furniture Design

Custom furniture design is also available as part of our design service package. Sofas, tables, wall units, countertops, cabinetry as well as other elements can be designed and manufactured to fit the needs of your project.

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